Project For Good Maintenance - Content Site

How it Works

Step 1. Find Organisations

Projects for Good take many forms; there are worthy projects supporting needy children in their education, helping wildlife with annual migrations and supporting health projects in remote locations.   Users can search for organisations by type of organisation, location and distance. 

Project for Good collects data from a range of different sources including social media, government reports and the organisations themselves to present a well rounded perspective on an organisation and its activities. 

Step 2. Add an Organisation or Project to your List

As you find organisations and projects which appeal to you, you can add them to your list of projects.  When you log into the system you can find all of the reports from your organisations consolidated into one list. 

Step 3. Donate to one or many of your Projects

Rather than choosing just one organisation for a one-off or ongoing donation, users can work out how much they can afford to donate each month and split that amount amongst their selected organisations and projects. 

Step 4. Manage your donations

Project For Good tracks your donations and records those made to tax deductable organisations.  At the end of the financial year the user can generate a report summarising their charitable activities for presentation to their accountant and the Tax Office.