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About Project For Good

Who we are

Project For Good was founded in 2011 when its founders were hunting for organisations to sponsor and realised that it was extremely hard to find information about this sector.

This raised some important questions:

  • How do you know whether an organisation at is worth sponsoring?
  • What do they actually do with the money that they give to you?
  • Where are the funds being spent?
  • What did they spend their money on in the last 12 months, rather than in the previous years

We believe that informed donors can find organisations which more closely match their values, leading to longer and more rewarding involvement.

Why we do what we do

We’re passionate about the not for profit sector and feel that it shouldn’t just be the organisations who yell loudest that get the most support.

Reading about the work that organisations undertake on a daily basis fills you with admiration and respect for the hard work that they do, and the strong sense that this work must be recognised.

Why just Australia?

Being Australia based, our initial focus has been to try to fill our database with Australian organisations to meet the immediate local need. 

The creation of the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission will lead to the availability of a substantial amount of information about charities; this will not become available until late 2013.

Our long term objective is to expand into other countries and regions

How we're funded

100% of every dollar you donate on Project For Good goes directly to your nominated organisation; Project For Good does not take a cut.

Organisations on Project For Good are not charged for their listing. 

Project For Good takes the money from each donation and invests it for 30 days, before giving it to each charity. The interest we earn from this investment is our primary source of income